Vendor Policy
At AXIA, we value our vendors as essential partners in providing a diverse and enriching selection of books to our customers. This policy outlines the expectations and guidelines for vendors who wish to sell their products on our platform:

1. Vendor Registration:
To become a vendor on our platform, you must complete the vendor registration process. This includes providing accurate business information, contact details, and agreeing to our vendor terms and conditions.

2. Product Listings:
Vendors are responsible for creating and managing their product listings. Each listing should include accurate and detailed information about the book, including title, author, ISBN ( if any ), condition, price, and availability.

3. Product Quality:
Vendors are expected to maintain the quality of the products they list. 

4. Pricing:
Vendors have the flexibility to set their own prices. However, pricing should be competitive and in alignment with market standards.

5. Stock Availability:
Vendors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of stock availability. Listings should be updated promptly to reflect current stock levels.

6. Shipping and Delivery:
Vendors are expected to adhere to the shipping and delivery policies specified in our platform’s shipping policy. Timely delivery and accurate tracking information are essential. The shipping service provider shall be assigned by AXIA to facilitate quality shipping and try party ( customer, vendor, axia ) tracking.

7. Customer Service:
Vendors are expected to provide excellent customer service. This includes responding to customer inquiries promptly and professionally.

8. Returns and Refunds:
Vendors are required to comply with our return and refund policy. If a customer requests a return or refund, vendors should coordinate with the customer and our support team for resolution.

9. Payment and Settlement:
Payments to vendors are processed based on the terms agreed upon during vendor registration. Please refer to your vendor agreement for payment details.

10. Compliance with Laws:
Vendors must adhere to all relevant local, national, and international laws and regulations related to their products and business operations.

11. Content Guidelines:
Product listings should not include offensive, illegal, or inappropriate content. All content must adhere to our content guidelines.

12. Data Security:
Vendors should ensure the security and privacy of customer data and payment information in accordance with relevant data protection laws.

13. Policy Updates:
We reserve the right to update our vendor policy as needed to improve the vendor experience and align with industry standards. Any updates will be communicated to vendors.

By selling on our platform, you agree to adhere to this vendor policy. We believe in maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with our vendors and providing a trustworthy and positive experience for our customers.

Thank you for choosing AXIA] as your platform for selling books. If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our vendor policy, please contact our vendor support team at [email protected] or call +88 01841 658802