Instructor Policy

Instructor Registration:

1.1. Instructors have to register in the platform to avail content selling opportunities, communicate with enrolled students, using instructor panel of the platform and to withdraw/receive their payments.

1.2. By registering in the platform as an instructor and upon approval of the instructor by the platform-  both – Platform and Instructor agree on the terms and conditions of the following agreement and hereby allows each other to operate under the clauses of the entire agreement.


2.1. This agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into by and between AXIA, hereinafter referred to as the “Platform,” and the registered instructors in AXIA , hereinafter referred to as the “Instructor.”

2.2. This Agreement outlines the clauses and sub clauses under which the Instructor provides educational content through the Platform.

2.3. The Instructor shall create, manage, and deliver educational content, including but not limited to courses, lectures, and materials, on the Platform.

2.4. The Instructor is responsible for the accuracy, quality, and relevance of the educational content.

2.5. The Instructor retains all intellectual property rights to the content they create. The Platform is granted a non-exclusive license to use, host, and distribute the content for the purpose of delivering it to Platform users.

2.6. Compensation for the Instructor is based on the following structure which shall be reviewed in every year and will have updates on July for the period of July – June of any Tax year:

2.6.1. Revenue Sharing: The Instructor shall receive a percentage of the net revenue generated from their courses. Net revenue is defined as the total amount received from sales of the Instructor’s courses minus Value Added Tax, Charges of Payment Gateways, Refunds or Chargebacks.

2.6.2. Category and Compensation: The platform shall recognize instructors in two ways. a) General category where instructors provide embedded video link for his/her course while managing his/her content by themselves in any video hosting platform. b) In-house category where instructors provide stored video to the platform admin to customize it for future use with platform brand logo and hosted by the platform as well.

2.6.3. General category instructors will receive a share of net revenue about 87.5% which is approximately about 80.90% of gross revenue of the provided contents. In-house category instructors will receive 60% of net revenue which is about 64.80% of gross revenue of the hosted contents.

2.6.4. Instructors shall receive payment after adjustment of any at source tax or TDS along with the adequate support documents of tax deductions. The Instructor is responsible for any taxes or fees associated with their payment according the Income Tax Law of Bangladesh.

2.7. The Platform reserves the right to set the pricing for the Instructor’s courses and offer discounts or promotions as deemed necessary to attract and retain users. The Platform shall discuss with the instructors for such application and take prior approval for the same.

2.8. The Platform may provide campaign or social media boosting on its own cost once in a year for any enlisted course. For additional campaign or boosting upon formal request by instructors, the instructor’s payment shall be adjusted in proportion with payment percentage.

2.9. Payouts to the Instructor shall be made on a 1st week of every month. The Platform will provide detailed sales reports to the Instructor, outlining the number of course enrollments and net revenue earned.

2.10. The Platform will disburse payments to the Instructor using the Banking channel only.

2.11. This Agreement shall begin on the effective date and continue until terminated by either party. Either party may terminate this Agreement with written/email notice. Termination will not affect the Instructor’s rights to compensation for courses sold prior to the termination date. Upon termination of the engagement for any reason, the Instructor will receive compensation for courses sold up to the termination date, subject to the platform’s payment schedule.

2.12. The Instructor shall maintain the confidentiality of any non-public information, including user data, obtained because of their engagement with the Platform.

2.13. The Instructor shall indemnify and hold the Platform harmless from any claims, costs, and liabilities arising from the Instructor’s content or actions on the Platform.

2.14. The Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Quality Assurance:

3.1. The Instructor shall adhere to quality standards, guidelines, and best practices as outlined by the Platform to ensure a high-quality learning experience for users.


The Instructor agrees to be responsive to user inquiries, provide support, and engage with the Platform’s community, as reasonably required.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Policy or need assistance with your instructor account, please contact our support team at [email protected]